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PYRAN® Platinum

PYRAN® Platinum is a 3/16" (5 mm) fire rated glazing material is a transparent glass-ceramic that is near optical quality with virtually no surface distortion. Pyran® Platinum is listed for use in non-impact safety rated locations such as transoms and borrowed lites with fire rating requirements up to 90 minutes.

PYRAN® Platinum uses an innovative, patented manufacturing process to produce an exceptional glass-ceramic specifically designed for the North American fire-rated glass market. And, this product is also the only firerated glass-ceramic that is made without the use of hazardous heavy metals *aresenic, antimony and barium*—so it is environmentally friendly! PYRAN® Platinum is tested and listed by UL, and is an outstanding replacement for wired glass.

Features & Benefits

  • Fire rated for 20 to 180 minutes with hose stream
  • Specially floated glass-ceramic
  • Near optical quality with virtually no distortion
  • Transparent and wireless
  • Withstands thermal shock
  • Applicable for use in fire rated frames with the same fire rating
  • Tested to latest positive pressure standards as mandated by IBC and NFPA 5000
  • Maximum sheet sizes: approximately 43" X 77"
  • Multiple U.S. fabrication locations for fast delivery
  • PYRAN® Platinum products can be insulated with 1/4", 1/2", or 3/8" stainless steel spacers. Call for additional information.

Fire-Rated Hose Stream
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