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IBC Labeling Requirements for Fire-Rated Glazing

Fire Protection glazing shall bear a label or other identification showing the name of the manufacturer, the test standard and information required in IBC Section 715. or (doors) Section 715.5.8.1 (windows) that shall be issued by an approved agency and shall be permanently affixed to the glazing.

Location Indicator

D    denotes DOORS

O    denotes OPENING (window, sidelite, transom, etc.)

W    denotes WALLS (glass must meet ASTM E-119 and provide a barrier to radiant heat transfer)

Hose Stream Test

H    denotes glazing meets HOSE stream test requirement (required for 45-minutes and above)

NH    denotes the glazing does NOT meet the HOSE stream requirement (applies to 20-minute glazing only)

Temperature Rise

T    denotes glazing meets TEMPERATURE rise criteria

NT    denotes glazing does NOT meet TEMPERATURE rise criteria

Fire-Rating (Minutes)

XX    denotes fire protection rating period in minutes

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